Becoming a Missionary


Becoming a Missionary

Whether as volunteer, Intern, Associate, or Missionary, we will guide through the process of getting into the field. We will be with you throughout the application, evaluation, and training process. Your journey toward answering your call to missionary service will involve the following:

1. Apply

Submit a Missions Application and clergy reference. Additional screening for longer terms.

2. Train

Complete orientation – a time for training, preparation, team building and prayer. Training varies according to mission assignment.

3. Share

Raise awareness and financial support in your community before departing to serve. Guidance on how to raise support is offered.

4. Go Forth

Serve others and experience their culture while offering a witness to the Faith. Service may also include learning their language!

5. Witness

Share your mission experiences, and all that God is doing through your service, with others to further the work of missions in the world.

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