A Legacy of missions

About the Mission Center

n 1962, a program began at the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church in Lancaster, PA, focused on foreign Orthodox missions. It was called the Lenten Self-Denial Club (LSDC) which challenged the faithful to sacrifice meals during Lent and offer the equivalent cost to neophyte Orthodox missions in Uganda, Mexico and Korea.

In 1966, the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese Clergy-Laity Congress created a Greek Orthodox Archdiocesan Missions Committee, based on the expanding success of the LSDC project in the first diocesan district.

For the next 18 years, the Missions Committee met twice annually at the Archdiocese. With the blessing of Archbishop Iakovos, the Clergy-Laity Congress of 1984 expanded the Committee into a Greek Orthodox Archdiocesan Mission Center to be located at the St. Photios Shrine in St. Augustine, Florida. Then in 1994 the Mission Center was transformed into an inter-jurisdictional program with a new name: Orthodox Christian Mission Center (OCMC).

Since becoming the official missions agency for all canonical Orthodox Churches in the United States, the OCMC has reached out to over 31 countries worldwide with mission programs. These programs include:

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  • Missionary Service
  • Orthodox Mission Teams
  • The Support a Mission Priest (SAMP) program
  • Mission Projects

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